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August 31st - September 6th 2019

Blackbeard's Cruises offers liveaboard scuba diving adventures to the Out Islands of the Bahamas. Reefs, walls, drift; night, blue holes and shark dives are offered each trip. We have three 65' sloops designed especially for scuba diving. Cruises that depart from Nassau will explore the Exuma Cays of the central Bahamas. Dive the pristine waters of the Exumas Land and Sea Park. Eco-adventures are included.

Price Includes:
  • Diving Accomadations
  • Port Fees
  • Transfer Fees
  • Food and Drinks
We'll spend the last night in port where you can experience the local island life too. Our crew consists of 5 dedicated and personable mates! The captain, first mate, engineer, dive instructor and cook are all more than happy to assist you in any way they can! We look forward to having you join us aboard a Blackbeard's Cruise live-aboard!

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions!

What should I bring?
Space is limited on liveaboards and the islands we visit are very casual. Several bathing suits, shorts, long pants, several T-shirts, one blouse/shirt, and a wind breaker all packed in soft luggage. Deck shoes or sneakers, sandals, towels, suntan lotion (non-oil), sunglasses, and foul weather gear (pants and jacket) which is a necessity to keep dry from spray or rain. Personal items such as aspirin, decongestants and shampoos are also recommended. We provide all bedding. We have storage at our dock for any empty bags or any bags you won't be needing.

How much storage space is there for my dive gear?
There is plenty of space for your dive gear in our top side storage compartments. There is a shelf at the end of each bunk where you can store clothes and other personal items and a few hooks to hang your ditty bag on too.

Do I need a passport ?
All travelers to the Bahamas need a passport. Book your air tickets with your name as it appears exactly on your passport.

How do I get to Nassau, New Providence in the Bahamas?
NAS is the airport code for Nassau's international airport. Many major carriers fly into Nassau, most of them with very competitive fares.

How do I get to the docks?
Transfer Fees are included in this price. The ride is approximately 30-40 minutes travel time from the airport to our docks. We are located at the Nassau Harbour Marina on Bay Street. It is not that far mileage wise, but you only go around 25 miles per hour, slow down, Mon! You are on island time now ;-)

What time will we sail?

We set sail at approximately 3 pm. The dock gates open at noon on Saturdays so please make travel arrangements that will allow you time to be there around noon, 1 pm at the absolute latest. We serve lunch, get you settled and have our safety briefing before we depart Nassau for the Exumas!

What time will we disembark?
All passengers disembark by 9 am on the following Friday. If you have a flight later in the day out of Nassau, you may leave your luggage with us while you sightsee and return 2 1/2 hours prior to your flight's departure to retrieve your bags. Your last dive is complete by early afternoon on Thursday. Plan your flight home according to your "NO FLY" standard from your certifying agency.

Will I get seasick?
Motion sickness medication should be brought along in the event that we encounter rough seas. We want you to be comfortable. The boat will spend the night in calm anchorages and normally scuba diving will be done on the lee side of the islands. The best thing about a live aboard diving vacation is that we can flex our schedule to go where the weather and conditions are best!

What is our itinerary?
There is no fixed schedule. The Captain will vary the itinerary to take advantage of the best weather and diving conditions. We'll traverse the northern end of the Exuma Cays in search of great conditions with nights anchored offshore one of the many islands. The last night of the trip will be spent in Nassau where you can explore the big island with your new buddies! Dinner on Thursday is served on board at the dock.

Do we actually sail?
The best time for sailing is from October to April. During the period from May to September there is normally very little wind. Passenger participation is welcomed by the crew or you may just relax in the sun.

Do you have showers?
Yes, there is one shower equipped with both fresh and saltwater taps. Everyone cringes at the mention of a 30 second fresh water shower but it does warrant some explanation! There are two showerheads in the shower: one fresh and one salt. Saltwater use is unlimited so lather, shampoo, shave, etc. with the unlimited salt water and then use the 30 seconds of fresh water at the end to rinse. You'll feel fresh as a daisy! Bring your own towels-we recommend two- one for topside and one for showering.

What are the meals like?
3 complete meals are served daily, as well as snacks and fresh fish in season, when caught. There is always a hammock of fresh fruits for those between meals snacks. A selection of beverages is always on hand, from soft drinks and lemonade to beer, wine and rum punch-all included in the price of your liveaboard cruise!

What if I have special requests for meals?
Please remember that you are participating in an adventure travel vacation that is occurring in a remote part of the world. Many of the modern conveniences, brands and pre-packaged goods we use at home are not available in remote destinations. As such, many special requests that are very specific are difficult to accommodate. If you have food allergies, please contact us well in advance so we can be prepared upon your arrival. Finally, if you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or other special life event please let us know. Our crews stand ready to assist you in making your special day something to remember.

Can I fish?
Yes, all the fishing gear is provided and our cook encourages it! Whatever we catch that is edible is cooked for passengers or used for sushi! The rest is saved for the chumsicle and the shark feeding dive. Just keep in mind that we spend a bit of time within the limits of the Land and Sea Park which is a marine sanctuary. There is no fishing or taking of any kind while we are within the park boundaries. Otherwise, we are happy to fish and spearfish!

How much spending money do I need?
You will need spending money for an evening ashore (drinks, souvenirs) and crew tips (15% recommended). You might note some of the smaller Bahamas Out Islands do not accept major credit cards. The currency of the Bahamas is the Bahamian Dollar which is on par with the US dollar and is used inter-changeably. We accept Visa, MC, and Discover for boutique item charges and crew tip.

What is the recommended gratuity?
The liveaboard business is a service industry, and although the general public is seldom aware of it, gratuities are a major part of a crewmember's salary. Few other recreational activities rely so heavily upon the professionals in charge for your enjoyment and safety. A gratuity of 15% is customary, but many leave more when they feel the service was outstanding. If you are disappointed with the service, you should inform the Captain of your feelings right away so he may rectify the situation. Leave no more gratuity than you feel is right.

Where do we dive?
We'll be diving up and down the Exuma Sound, an abyss that drops over 4,000 feet to the ocean floor! The Exuma Cays are known for their wonderful reef dives due to the protection they receive from the Land and Sea Park sanctions. Sometimes we dive Eleuthera but that is also weather dependent. Our specific itinerary varies with the winds to obtain maximum visibility for diving. The depths normally range from 20' to 120'. There are swift drifts between the cays as well as a blue hole that divers will love!

Will there be a dive guide in the water with us?
We do not offer led dives on Blackbeard's. The instructor on board will give you a very in depth briefing before each dive describing the conditions, the current, depth, and it will include a visual aide. The instructor and/or staff will be in the water for all drift dives and the shark feed!

How many dives per day?
Normally 3 to 4 dives per day, including night dives, as long as weather is not a factor. We generally offer 3 or 4 night dives on 7 day trips.

What dive gear do I need to bring?
Snorkel, fins, mask, regulator, buoyancy compensator, u/w watch, depth gauge and for night dives, a dive light and cyalume stick (may be purchased for $3 each) are required. We provide tanks, weights and weight belts. There is storage on deck for all gear and we have rinse buckets for underwater cameras and regulators.

Can we snorkel?
Yes, anytime the boat is anchored. You need to bring mask, fins, snorkel and snorkel vest (not required but highly recommended). Snorkeling is not supervised.

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