Night Diving



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Who should take this course? 
This program provides the skills and concepts required to safely and comfortably dive at night or in limited visibility conditions. Some of the ocean's most amazing creatures only come out at night, so your dive doesn't have to end when the sun goes down. You will learn how to enter and exit the water, use specialized equipment, and how to communicate and dive with a buddy at night or in limited visibility.

If you’re a SSI (Junior) Open Water Diver who is at least 10 years old, you can enroll in the Night and Limited Visibility Diver Specialty course.

What will you learn? 
Your dive adventure doesn't have to end when the sun goes down, or if your only option for a dive site is a lake or quarry where visibility is limited by the clarity of the water. Night diving allows you to see things you won't see during the day. Most marine species hide during the bright daylight hours, only emerging once night has fallen to hunt. Many corals also feed at night, turning the dark waters into a nocturnal garden filled with color.

The SSI Night and Limited Visibility program provides in-depth information on the necessary equipment, skills, knowledge and experience required to safely dive with a buddy at night or in limited visibility environments.

How can you start learning now? 
Step 1. Create your free diver profile with SSI. Click on the SSI Online Registration link located here
Step 2. Purchase your Open Water Diver Class. Click on the SEE SCHEDULE button located above to select the class that best fits your schedule. 
Step 3. Download the SSI digital application for your smart device. Android Download or IOS Download


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