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Aqualung Outlaw

Aqualung Outlaw


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Part Number:BC1180101 Manufacturer: Aqua Lung Size:

Aqua Lung BCDs offer comfort, fit and style. Designed by divers for divers, Aqua Lung BCDs come in a wide variety of styles depending on your dive profile. Whether traveling to dive in tropical water or hitting the depths in cold water, Aqua Lung BCDs will keep you buoyant and provide a great fit. Aqua Lung broke all the rules with the creation of the Outlaw. Experience diving in its purest form in a simple backpack BCD, without pockets or steel D-rings. Unique modular connector system provides the quickest and easiest way to customize your most comfortable fit, creating up to 27 different size configurations. For the expert diver.

ModLock connectors allow for quick and easy changing of the components so you can set back, shoulder, and waist sizes individually. Connectors click into place and are easily opened with any small tool, such as a pen or key. The Outlaw back inflation wing style air cell comes in two lift capacities of 12 lbs. or 25 lbs. (5.44 kg to 11.34 kg). Instead of heavy pockets or steel D-rings, the Outlaw travels light with webbed D-rings and a military-style webbed daisy chain for accessory attachment. Travel-friendly and adventure-ready the Outlaw has easy-to-disconnect shoulders and waists; overall weight is less than 4 lbs. (1.8 kg). GripLock tank band. This band is a strong, secure way to attach the cylinder to the BC. Gone are the days of complicated web weaving through multi-slot buckles. Predetermined detente settings make set-up simple. No adjustments are necessary when switching cylinders of the same diameter. Best of all, you don't have to worry about pinching your fingers with GripLock's innovative finger saver feature.

Interchangeable shoulder and waist strap components; standard carabineer can be mounted on either right or left shoulder strap. Bladder retraction system pulls in the sides of the bladder during deflation to keep you streamlined and reduce drag. The Outlaw BCD comes equipped with Aqua Lungs Power Line Inflator with an increased fill rate which is now, one of the highest air flows in the industry. The Power Line is an environmentally sealed unit for less maintenance, has integrated hose clips for attachment to the LP hose for a streamline and low profile. The inflator is equipped with a cable activated rapid exhaust at the top, simply pull down on lower unit to dump air. Inflator also includes a 3/8" threaded low-pressure quick-disconnect hose for attachment to your first stage regulator. Additional right rear lower pull dump valve allows trimming buoyancy when inverted in the water. The BCD has options for the SureLock Weight System (see SKU: UDRSLWS), Mechanical Weight Release System and trim pockets (see SKU: UDRTP) with a 3 lbs. or 5 lbs. (1.36 kg or 2.25 kg) weight capacity each.

The BCD's harness has adjustable torso shoulder straps, adjustable cross chest sternum strap and an adjustable waist strap. All straps are equipped with squeeze-style side-release buckles for easy donning and doffing. The BCD comes with a quick start guide and safety pamphlet.

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