About Us

Why Divers' Supply Indy

Divers' Supply Indy is the mid-west's choice for full service recreational and technical scuba equipment. We offer Dive Instruction, dive travel, equipment services.  Not to mention online shopping.  Not just another online warehouse.  With over 10,000 sqft of show room filled with the scuba industries most popular dive equipment from the most respected manufacturers.

Diver Education

Divers' Supply Indy features dive instruction programs for the beginning diver continuing through to dive career preparation programs.  Entry-level scuba programs include the Try Scuba Course where students can receive an introduction to scuba diving in just three hours and visit the underwater world with their instructor the same afternoon.

Open Water Scuba certifications are taught in multipe options from group classes to Private one on one classes, with two additional days of open water dives, which completes your permanent diving certification. Come in for your next vacation of a lifetime and learn to scuba dive!!!

Continuing Education Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver, Divemaster and Assistant Instructor programs are featured regularly in addition to a complete offering of specialty certifications including:

Continuing Education Programs Technical Certification Programs Computer Assisted Diver
Fish ID Boat Diver Cavern Diver
Dry Suit Diver Drift Diver Diver Propulsion Course
Enriched Air Diver Independent Diver Ice Diver
Dive Guide Night Diver Perfect Buoyancy
Instructor Search & Recovery Search and Recovery
Assistant Instructor U/W Archeologist U/W Ecologist
U/W Hunter Equipment Specialist U/W Naturalist
U/W Navigator U/W Photography U/W Snapshot Photography
Wreck Diver Advanced Adventurer Stress & Rescue Diver
Divemaster Assistant Instructor React Right
Mermaid Oxygen First Aid Provider O2 First Aid for Scuba


Basic Nitrox, Advanced Nitrox, Technical Nitrox, Deep Air, Advanced Deep Air, Extended Range, Overhead Environment, Technical Penetration, Full Cave Programs, Advanced Search and Salvage, EANx Gas, Blender Trimix, Gas Blender and Life Support Service Systems Technician Programs

SSI, PADI, DAN, IANTD and TDI Course Directors, Instructor Trainers and Instructors are always available to answer your recreational or technical diving questions. Divers' Supply Indy can also provide open water training dives for students on a referral basis.

Instructor Development/Training Courses

The Divers' Supply Indy Instructor Training Center offers one of the most unique career development programs in the sport or technical diving industry. What makes our programs so different is our desire to produce competent, well-trained instructors who can accomplish more than just passing an examination. We train our instructors to function with the real world skills required in a dive operation atmosphere. Since Divers' Supply Indy is Indianapolis’ most complete recreational and technical dive center, our instructors get a first hand view at the inside workings of a popular diving operation.

Instructor Certification & Advancement Programs
•    SSI Instructor Trainer
•    EANx Instructor
•    EANx Blender Instructor
•    Life Support Service Technician Instructor
•    Overhead Environment Instructor
•    Full Cave Instructor

The Divers' Supply Indy Instructor Trainer Courses are more thorough and in depth than most other courses. With knowledgeable and experienced Instructors, instructor candidates have the opportunity to do more than just meet the minimum requirements. There is more time devoted to classroom presentations and additional days are spent in the pool and open water to give Divers' Supply Indy instructor candidates an important edge over other instructor candidates.

If you are not yet an instructor, Divers' Supply Indy can bring you from Open Water Diver through the Instructor and/or Technical Instructor Trainer Courses and provide you with a prestigious and enviable career in scuba diving.  If you are already an instructor, Divers' Supply Indy offers a complete line of Instructor level continuing education classes. Earn advanced Instructor ratings such as Master Scuba Diver Trainer, React Right Instructor, ITC/IOC Staff Instructor and Master Instructor.

Divers' Supply Indy's Instructor Training Center offers career programs on a regularly scheduled basis. 

For more information on launching your career as a Scuba Diving Instructor, contact Divers' Supply Indy today !!!