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EXOWEAR Hood provides the maximum thermal protection available ina neutrally buoyant exposure-protection hood and is designed for multi-sport use. EXOWEAR Hood offers great protection and additional warmth for your head during cold water activities. OMNIRED Infrared Technology in the hood's fabric converts your outbound heat into infrared energy and reflects it back to your head for thermal warmth. 3-Layer Fabric protects from the harshest elements with materials that are water repellant, windproof, breathable, quick-drying, wicking, and anti-microbial.

Whether diving, kayaking, or stand up paddle boarding,ExoWear'sinnovative 3-Layer Fabric protects you from the harshest elements.An outer layer, membrane and inner fleece featureproperties that arewater repellant, windproof, breathable, quick-drying, wicking, and anti-microbial. Outer Layer: UV resistant outer layer has a durable water-repellent finish to provide a protective shell that sheds water, absorbs less water, and increases drying time. Membrane: Windproof and highly breathable membrane provides maximum comfort during high-exertion watersports and helps regulate body temperature while preventing wind chill. Inner Fleece: Microban Anti-Microbial with Hydrophobic technology and quick-dry fleece coatings mean less stink and a more easily packable suit to transport to your next destination or dive site.

OMNIRED Infrared Technology applies13 thermo-reactive minerals woven into the suit'sfabric to convert out bound body heat intoinfraredenergy and reflect it backto your hands. Infrared energy has been proven toimprovethe body's circulation. Increased circulation improves oxygen levels in the body, enabling you to use less energy, improve overall warmth and increase your time in the water. This process has been proven in strict scientific studies to out perform similar technologies.

2mm ELASTEK Full Stretch Neoprene at face for added comfort and sealing. Skirt at neck for additional security. Flat seam stitching throughout for maximum flexibility, stretch and comfort. 3D Pattern for optimal shape and fit. EXOWEAR slows thermal loss by 36% at 1ATM of pressure (proven in controlled lab thermal testing). Hood is black in color and available in multiple sizes.

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