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IDC Gold Membership

IDC Gold Membership


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Part Number:GOLD-CLUB

Gold Membership Level $80.00

  • Membership benefits only apply to the club member on the card
  • Receive a $100.00 Air fill card that can be used at Divers’ Supply Indy. {Valid for 12 months from enrollment}
  • Receive 10% off the Scuba Entry fee at the Indy Dive Center in France Park.
  • Indy Dive Club members enjoy 7% off on eligible retail purchases, along with a host of other perks and special deals.
  • Dive trips at group rate pricing are offered to Indy Dive Club members first and then to Divers’ Supply Indy/Indy Dive Center customers, so it makes sense to be an IDC member if you love to travel.
  • Access to all Indy Dive Club fun events.

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