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The Smart Apnea computer is the evolution of the Nemo Apneist, and has become the reference computer for spearfishermen and for the most demanding freedivers. Smart Apnea is a a simple and user-friendly device, and offers a wide variety of features.

Smart Apnea has an apnea mode with features aimed specifically at satisfying the needs of freedivers.
The Smart Apnea computer can operate in watch mode or in dive mode. Inwatch mode, you can change the settings, review your logbooks with details such as dive durations and depths reached, download your data to your PC and much more.

In dive mode it is possible to control depth, time, rate of descent and ascent, temperature and other parameters to be set on surface.
Smart Apnea has a backlight function to be activated in case of low ambient light.

It can register profiles of about 20-30 hours of immersion, depending on the number of dives per session and the duration of each of them, assuming a detection interval of 1 second. Using the USB clip (sold separately), information can be transferred to a PC via the Dive Organizer software, or to a Mac via the Divers' Diary software.

Features making Smart Apnea one of the best freediving computers on the market are:

 - Digital chronograph with backlight for easier display reading
 - Water resistant up to 20ATM/293 PSI
 - High quality Swiss quartz motion
 - Daily alarm and time signal
 - Countdown timer
 - Digital time zone and date
 - Digital second time zone • fluorescent numbers
 - Stainless steel
 - Replaceable CR2430 battery
 - Operating temperature: from -10°C to +50°C Storage temperature: from -20°C to 70°C
 - Diagonal display: 31 mm and mineral glass

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