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X-Wing BCD is a rear inflation back inflator wing and has an ideal combination of technical and recreational features. TUSA's patented Independent Harness System and Ultimate Stabilizing Harness is mated with a newly designed 500D Cordura nylon horseshoe bladder offering excellent lift, comfort and freedom-of-movement required by the most discerning divers. The X-Wing is further enhanced with 3-D foam padded lumbar and back pad, the newly designed Advanced Weight Loading System (A.W.L.S. II) integrated weight system, removable rear trim weight pockets and mesh accessory pocket. BCD comes standard with TUSA's revolutionary Active Purge Assist Inflate/Deflate System.

The 2nd-generation Advanced Weight Loading System (A.W.L.S.) continues to enhance TUSA weight integrated BCD's by incorporating a newly designed ergonomic handle grip and quick-lock feature. Release the weight cartridges with ease by simply turning the handle grip vertically 90° in either direction. TUSA's AWLS allows the diver to insert weights into the weight cartridges and loading them easily into the front of the BCD. Additionally, with weight distribution to the shoulder area, the weighted down feeling that is traditionally associated with weight belts is eliminated. Weight cartridges can accommodate from 8 lbs. (4 kg) to 12 lbs. (6 kg) of weight in each cartridge and two rear trim pockets can hold up to 4 lbs. (2 kg) in each non-releasable pocket. The weight cartridge is easy-to-release in an emergency, but the safety lock makes sure that it is not released accidentally.

The Independent Harness System (I.H.S.) isolates the BCD's harness from the air cell, tightly supporting the tank even with changes in air cell inflation/deflation. The I.H.S. prevents tank slippage and eliminates any gaps between the tank and your back. The X-Wing BCD uses TUSA's next generation IHS featuring 420D/840D nylon for superior strength and durability, an integrated carry handle, additional adjustability to dial-in a perfect fit and a neutrally buoyant construction allowing the diver to shed the lead" removing approximately 2 lbs. (1 kg) of lead from their system.

The Rite-Tite buckle is a 2-position cam strap for quick and easy adjustment. While the strap is being looped through the buckle, the buckle stays in place without needing to be held. This allows for more control and stability. This feature is part of all TUSA BCD's. TUSA's Ultimate Stabilizing Harness completely-eliminates tank roll and delivers an amazing fit. The U.S.H. securely holds the air cylinder in place with optimally placed rails and brings the tank closer to the body increasing tank control while reducing weight. The X-Wing has plenty of room for accessory attachment with its removable roll-down mesh accessory pocket, 2-stainless-steel and 3-resin D-rings. There are also grommets for a BCD knife mount.

TUSA's Active Purge Assist (APA) System is a revolutionary new BCD accessory technology. This pneumatically assisted purge system and newly designed OPEV (Over Pressure Exhaust Valve) offers significantly enhanced flow rates over a standard inflator system, which allows for immediate purge and inflation response. Additionally, the APA is incredibly streamlined reducing drag and bulkiness. The system is designed for low maintenance and easy care, reducing inflator malfunctions.

The APA ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand when trimming buoyancy underwater. It has a cable activated pull dump mechanism allowing the diver to pull down on the inflator to quickly dump air when needed. The corrugated hose has clips to route the low-pressure hose coming from your first stage regulator to further reduce drag and increase the streamline profile when diving. The TUSA X-Wing Back Inflation BCD has a total of 4-dump valves, one dump on the top of the power inflator, 2-lower rear and 1-right shoulder. The lower rear and right shoulder valves are equipped with pull-dump handles for easy buoyancy trimming.

The X-Wing provides from 29 lbs. to 40 lbs. (13.3 kg to 18.4 kg) of lift depending on the BCD's size. The harness assembly comes equipped with an adjustable waist with depth compensating cummerbund, torso and sternum straps all featuring squeeze-style" side-release buckles for easy donning and doffing. The sternum strap also comes with an attached whistle for signaling your buddy or use in an emergency. BCD comes with a 3/8" threaded low-pressure (LP) inflator hose and owner's manual.

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