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Zeagle Ranger

Zeagle Ranger


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Zeagle Ranger was the first BC to combine high quality heavy duty construction, weight integration, and rear flotation. Its introduction created a new category of buoyancy systems, and it is without doubt the most imitated BC in history! But it's the Rangers incredible versatility that keeps knowledgeable divers recommending it year after year.

Zeagle's modular construction allows the Ranger to transition between tropical travel diving, rugged cold water diving in wet or dry suits, single or twin cylinders, and even with optional bladder assemblies having up to 2 x 85 lbs. (38.6 kg) lift and easily mounted back-plates technical diving! Constructed of heavily reinforced 1050 denier ballistic nylon, with urethane internal lamination and radio frequency (RF) welded seams for strength and durability the Ranger is comfortable, balanced, and can be used in an incredible range of diving activities. It is compatible with a variety of additional bladders, pockets, and other accessories. The waist closure is a single buckle combined with elastic waist panels. The standard bladder has a 44 lbs. (20 kg) lift capacity.

Zeagle Ranger comes equipped with Zeagle's PFS Modular Sizing (Personal Fit System) allowing you to custom build the BCD for individual needs. Other features of the BCD are 11" (28 cm) grommets for mounting twin cylinders, two zippered utility pockets for storage of gloves, reels, lights etc. adjustable elastic waist panels,4 stainless angled D-rings on shoulders (two adjustable), and 2 Stainless D-rings on vest for accessory attachments. The BCD includes the Ripcord Weight System that has 36 lbs. (16.33 kg) of releasable weight capacity and an additional 16 lbs. (7.26 kg) rear non-releasable trim pockets capacity. The Ranger has a dual position adjustable sternum strap, torso adjustable shoulder straps, and waist strap with adjustable elastic cummerbund all equipped with squeeze-style" side-release buckles for quick and easy donning and doffing.

Trimming buoyancy is made easy with the cable activated shoulder dump valve and rear lower overpressure relief/dump valve. The Ranger weighs 8.4 lbs. (3.8 kg). The Ranger BC comes standard with Zeagle's BX Power Inflator System with 3/8" threaded quick-disconnect low pressure hose. The BX Power Inflator makes preventative maintenance easy with its threaded lower mechanism that allows the attachment of a garden hose for fast and easy inner bladder rinsing.

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